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            Whistleblower Programme

            ASMPT adopts a “zero tolerance” approach to fraud, corruption and other forms of unethical behaviour or conduct. Apart from the ASMPT Code of Business Conduct , we have put in place a Whistleblower Programme for our staff and our business partners to alert the Chairman of the Board or the Chairman of the Audit Committee - anonymously, if necessary – on any suspected or actual violations. There is non-retaliation against reports made in good faith.?

            If a Supplier/Staff violates any of the requirements contained in this ASMPT Code of Business Conduct, ASMPT may immediately terminate its relationship with that Supplier/Staff. ?Violations should be reported in confidence to the Whistleblower Hotline fraud@asmpt.com, or mail to:


            Chairman of ASMPT Board

            ASM Pacific Technology Ltd

            19/F, Gateway ts,

            8 Cheung Fai Road, Tsing Yi

            New Territories, Hong Kong


            Chairman of ASMPT Audit Committee

            ASM Pacific Technology Ltd

            Room 1104, Crawford House

            70 Queen’s Road Central

            Central, Hong Kong


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