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            Stacked Die Solutions

            Stacked dies with overhang tend to bend and twist during wire bonding process. ASMPT’s wire bonders are equipped with special hardware and software features to bond the ultra-thin over hang dies.

            • Overhang capability
            • Process Features
              • Digital control bond head with closed-loop force feedback
              • Ultra low loop trajectories < 50μm
              • Built-in looping database
              • Programmable focus


            Bond Head

            Enabling Factors for stacked die wire bonding

            • Industry’s best in motion and impact control
            • Intelligent zPS technology
            • Lower mass and inertia
            • Sub pico bonding of sensing

            Low Loop

            • ASMPT unique looping database allows users to load and save a set of qualified looping parameters from/to wire bonder looping library
            • Field proven low loop trajectories
            • Stable and consistent looping performance



            Die Bonding

            Wire Bonding



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