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            Copper Bonding Solutions

            Cu wire bonding implementation requires a package and system level understanding. ASMPT’s commitment in continuous learning has been vital in expanding Cu knowledge base and wisdom in process, material, packaging, reliability and FA. This makes ASM Cu wire bonding technology incomparable.


            Wire Bonding


            CAE Simulation Study?

            Advanced CAE simulation tools for process and stress prediction. ?Interaction between the process variables and its significance are studied using simulation tools and validated with experiments.


            ASMPT’s Enhanced Cu Process

            • Advanced process control features
            • Minimise bonding stress
            • Achieve uniform (flat) AI remnant in the first bond
            • Special Cu stitch enhancer


            Advanced Characterisation Competency

            • Orientation Imaging Microscopy (OIM)?
            • Surface Grain Structure using OIM
            • OIM analysis to study crystalline microstructures of Cu
            • EDX mapping
            • Ion beam polisher
            • Profiler


            Failure Analysis Competency


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